Thursday, May 17, 2007

SciGraphica - Linux 下的科学图像处理

windows下的同类型免费软件可以参考Gnuplot,或者Scilab 这样附带绘图功能的科学计算程序

SciGraphica is a scientific application for data analysis and technical graphics. It pretends to be a clone of the popular commercial (and expensive) application "Microcal Origin". It fully supplies plotting features for 2D, 3D and polar charts. The aim is to obtain a fully-featured, cross-plattform, user-friendly, self-growing scientific application. It is free and open-source, released under the GPL license.

Main features:

  • You can plot functions and manipulate data in worksheets.
  • You can open several worksheets and plots and work with them interactively and at the same time.
  • The plots are fully configurable using a control panel dialog.
  • The look and feel is completely WYSIWYG.
  • Production/Publication quality PostScript output.
  • You can interact with the plots double-clicking, dragging and moving objects with the mouse.
  • Native XML file format.
  • You can insert Python expressions in the worksheets.
  • Terminal with command-line Python interface for interacting with plots and worksheets

It is completely programmed in C from scratch, using the GTK+ and GtkExtra libraries, and released under the GPL agreement.

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