Saturday, May 19, 2007

Scholar's Aid - 文献管理

分为Library 和 Notes两个软件。


下面是下载连接,只有Scholar's Aid Lite 是免费的。

Scholar's Aid 4 Lite is a freeware version of Scholar's Aid. For information about Scholar's Aid, see this page.

Price: Free

It only requires a simple registration that is free. No fee.
We DO NOT sell or transfer your information to anyone outside Scholar's Aid, Inc.

    I tried one of the very expensive versions of bib software, and this[Scholar's Aid] is far superior. And the price is almost unbelievable. Good Stuff!! --- Mary, AL, USA

Note: SA4 Lite is 100% compatible with all SA98L/SA99L/SA2000/SA4AE data and configuration files. No conversion necessary.

Download your free copy of Scholar's Aid 4 Lite now.

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